Why You Need A Brand, Not Just A Logo

When it comes to branding, your first thought is probably an eye-catching and memorable logo. Indeed, a great logo is important, but it is only one tiny aspect of your brand. A brand is more than a logo, and furthermore, it is more than a presence of company colours, taglines and logo’d business products. In fact, your brand is the architecture of your business from which you build all business activities on.

The Definitions

Logo – The visual identification of a business by a distinctive marking or symbol.

Brand – All of the senses and emotions a person feels when interacting with your business.

Developing The Perfect Branding

Compared to branding, creating a logo is easy. The difficulty in creating the perfect branding is the fact that a brand is actually formed from customer perception. You cannot make people feel a certain way about your brand, but you have the tools available to create branding material that can help to shape and influence the audience’s perception.

You can create the imaging of your business and align these images with your goals. However, it is up to the public to form the impression of your brand. You then need to capitalise on this perception to ensure that your brand remains relevant and consistent.

How To Build A Great Brand

  1. Meet expectations

Through your interaction with customers and prospects, you should remain consistent with your approach and always meet their expectations. Every interaction should be the same so that your customers can build their own expectations of what they should receive from your brand.

  1. Don’t give up

Many businesses feel their branding isn’t working and begin a rebrand too soon. However, a brand is built through perseverance over time. Continually deliver on-brand messages to improve brand awareness and relevancy.

  1. Be you

It is tempting as a new business to spread and expand into different markets. However, this can dilute your brand and make your message unclear. Try to refrain from developing too quickly, until your branding is starting to take effect.

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