Five Groundbreaking Graphic Design Projects Of The Last Decade

  1. The Calendar Puzzle

We take the mundane desk calendar for granted, often complete with dull stock images and a logo from the supplier who gifted it. However, in 2017, Katsumi Tamura took the desk calendar to the next level with his Calendar 2018 Puzzle. As well as being attractive and fun desk accessory it is also useful and inspires your creativity. The users that the ability to create their own designs and forms thanks to its pieces of square, triangle and circle shapes.


  1. Dropbox Redesign

Dropbox has long been used as a useful business tool, and its design showcased this with simplicity and functional design work. In 2017, Dropbox delivered a somewhat controversial redesign. The focus of their design was to celebrate the creative work of their customers although some corporate users found the bold design unprofessional. However, the purpose was to shift the brand message of Dropbox away from the file storage system to a collaborative tool and undoubtedly celebrated design professionals.


  1. Sound Meets Type

A finalist of the 2015 Fast Company’s Innovation By Design awards, Sound Meets Type is a creative typeface, that looks like someone sounds. Combining simplicity with complexity, it is a letterform that is designed to be used in both a technological and artistic context using sounds to create new letterforms.


  1. 2014 Norwegian Passport Designs By Neue Studio

With inspiration from the lakes and mountains of Norway, the covers feature calming colours of red, turquoise and white. These are fun, sharp, stylish and contemporary. Furthermore, they are a long way away from the stony-faced designs that we hand over to the often stony-faced officials.


  1. Réka Baranyi – Souldrops Detergent

When it comes to laundry detergent, you’d think it was hard to stand out when placed on an aisle of similar products all vying for attention. However, Réka Baranyi’s innovative design for Souldrops really does catch the eye. Undoubtedly revolutionary in the industry, the beautiful pastel colours and unusual bottle shapes certainly makes the product unique.