The Benefits of Blogging

If you have a company website, it should probably include a blog. Many businesses, especially, smaller ones might not see the point. However, some great benefits come with setting up a blog on your website, five of which we’ve listed below.

Increases search engine traffic

Having a blog on your website increases the number of times you’ll appear in search engine results and drives traffic to your site. Create content using keywords and phrases that are likely to be used by your target audience and make sure these are included as often as possible in your posts (without affecting the flow of anything you write).

Increases leads

The more often you appear in search engine results and the more often those looking for information visit your site, the more likely it is that you will be able to create leads and convert these into customers.

Personalises your brand

No matter how wonderfully written your website is, it won’t do as much to personalise your brand as a blog. This is because a blog gives you a voice beyond any corporate messaging. You can share that voice with your employees by having them write blogs on their jobs or project they’re working on, or you can let customers and clients know how you feel about key issues facing your industry.

Makes you an industry expert

Sharing your opinions on major issues is a great way to turn yourself into an industry expert, someone people turn to for information, advice and guidance. This, in turn, builds trust in your brand, increases website traffic and improves conversion rates.

Builds a connection

Perhaps the most significant benefit of blogging is that it helps establish a relationship between you and your customers through the comments section. Knowing what your customers are thinking will help you make sure your brand and any messaging are relevant to what they want and need.

Finally, it’s important to remember that these benefits come at the price of blogging regularly and delivering interesting content that engages customers.