Opens vs Clicks: How To Measure Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods out there. In fact, 59% of B2B marketers say that using email newsletters is still the most effective marketing tool to generate revenue. However, all businesses are vying for space in their customer’s inbox. So, how do you check your campaign is working and measure its success? Is the best way through opens, or clicks?

How Should You Measure Your Success?

It is important to know how you will measure success before you begin any campaign. Having a goal in place and your metrics ready to measure is essential. Every email you send needs to be tracked. For emails that aren’t hitting the mark, you do not want to be posting similar content out again.


This measurement is tracking the number of people that have opened the email to view the content. Your open score only measures the people that wait for the images to load and sees the email. It does not count the people that open it to close or delete it immediately.

You also have an open rate; this will be the number of individuals that opened the emails divided by the number of emails you sent to individuals. This will exclude the number of bounces.


The click-through rate is the number of people that not only read your email but scroll to your call to action and click on it. This shows not only people being interested in receiving emails from you but interacting with your content too. This helps you to determine which content your users enjoy and resonate with the most.

Which Should You Measure?

Quite simply, you should measure both. Your open rate will help you to determine how catchy your subject and header is. This will show you how compelled individuals are to see your content. However, for more significant analysis of your email content, the number of clicks will show you what is working well and what is not working at all.

In fact, with all metrics in place, you help to refine your target audience and work out what they want from your emails. With over 196 million emails being sent every single day, it is essential to use all the metrics you have available to ensure your emails stand out.