Why You Need Social Media Management

In the scheme of digital marketing, social media will dominate a large proportion of your strategy. Social media is incredibly effective at not only growing small businesses but maintaining customer relationships and influencing conversions. However, with so many platforms, it can be hard to develop your presence across all of them effectively. This is why your business needs social media management.

Can’t I Just Focus On One Social Media Platform?

Of course, if you want to simplify your social media management, it is possible only to use one platform. However, this will dramatically reduce your reach, and each platform serves a valuable purpose, especially when you consider these incredible statistics:

  1. Facebook is the most visited website of all websites.
  2. 53% of Twitter users recommend products and companies on the platform
  3. There are 800 million active YouTube users.
  4. Five million photographs are uploaded to Instagram every single day.

It is clear that each platform has a valuable function for your business. However, many organisations neglect their social media because they;

  1. Don’t have the time
  2. Don’t know what to share
  3. Are unsure of the best social media practices #confusion
  4. All of the above.

That’s completely understandable. Businesses should focus on what they do best and leave the digital marketing to specialist social media management businesses.

What Does Social Media Management Involve?

Research has found that small business owners spend around 33 hours every single week on marketing activities. This is no surprise as marketing is an intensive task. However, wouldn’t businesses be more successful if owners were spending the majority of their time on running and growing their business by focusing on what their business does best? The key to success is to delegate the tasks to people who are experts in their field.

By outsourcing social media management; you have a team of experts to;

  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Respond to messages and stimulate audience engagement
  • Come up with the perfect, timely updates
  • Engage with other thought leaders and relevant contacts in your industry
  • Curate content and re-purpose shareworthy news
  • Utilise analytics to determine the best times to post content.

These are just some of the tasks that social media management can help you with. By outsourcing these activities, you not only maximise your social impact but also give your business back the valuable time it needs. Therefore, you can save money as well as having one less thing that your busy organisation needs to worry about!

Don’t wait to start utilising Social Media Management, speak to Brand+Code today!